Your Shape Fitness Evolved Kinect

After thinking for a while if I should write about this workout game or not, and after doing some research, I finally came to the conclusion that Your Shape Fitness Evolved Kinect is actually a pretty awesome game! It features martial arts classes lead by the well known trainers Michael George and Michelle Bridges, but simpler exercises as well.


The fitness game was developed and published by Ubisoft and released on November 4, 2010 for the Xbox 360 Kinect gaming console, exclusively. It serves a sequel to Your Shape and is the second game of the franchise. The game captures your shape and form due to its “player projection” technology that incorporates you into its environment and creates personal routines.


So, let’s see what workout can be performed in this engaging game. I should start by mentioning that there are over 90 hours of in-game activities that include pretty much everything you can think of, from a Boot Camp to cardio boxing, jumping ropes, push-ups, sit-ups and dance classes. You can work out your abs, arms, legs, back, glutes and others.


Besides the fact that you will finally stop feeling bad for playing non-productive video games and feel more energized, Your Shape Fitness will reward you with points that you will shortly get addicted to. So instead of attending a high level of difficulty Fitness class, you can exercise in your own house intimacy with this evergaming and aerobics game.

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