The Yeti is waiting for you, Far Cry 4

Are you ready for your new adventure, the real challenge as the Yeti is waiting you in their Valey?!

I liked the story anyway, especially how it goes. After the Ajay’s helicopter will crash and you are left to stay alive in very dangerous territory in Kyrat, you must capture a camp for shelter and guard it all day and night against that mysterious cult. But even if you defend it successfully against the cult, the biggest problem is the Yetis being all around.

So, when we are talking for the Yeti, I like it, very impressive power as is expected, so you really need a smart way to win every fight. Also, I would like to share impressions for the wolves and gorillas as the other existing opponents to fight against.

In this new edition, first-person exploration view is not changed, but the game play has some positive changes. Also snow covered map looks very good designed as you have the feeling that the same is much larger, never ends, and seems too long to survive during the nights when all soldiers (even Yetis) are hunting you.

Your only “friend” for help are the weapons that are significantly proper, so you can earn the same via completing missions or simply buy the same for in-game-cash during the play.

As for a simple conclusion, would suggest you to buy and try this game, at least to spend some fun time, in the upcoming days, to enjoy in some higher heart rate ticking and at the end to be a winner.

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