The Order: 1886

We are reviewing today The Order: 1886, a third-person action-adventure video game developed by Ready at Dawn and SCE Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, released on February 2015 for PlayStation 4.

the-order2The Order: 1886 it is a big tease, it starts with a really cool Victorian setting, introduces werewolves and great guns and then proceeds to take the good stuffs, the game looks so cruel in the way it plays with players` expectations, taking a great promising idea and then getting boring with all those cut scenes, a rage inducing ending and times when actually nothing happens. Boring is the word to describe the game, as probably guessed the action of the game happens in 1886 where players get to play Galahad, one of the knights of the round table in a time of trouble where citizens had began to rebel against the leadership, possibly allying with a race called werewolves. Players face werewolves or lycans early in the game, leaping out of the way and shooting them down before killing them for good with a knife, and then sadly the fights get really rare, fighting them just a few times, mostly for quick events instead of cool battles. Talking about the origins of lycans, where they come and all that, developers throw all that away to focus on the heroes that would just set and argue at the round table quite often, however the voice acting is really good. The credits pop out right after the ending button, and the story gets left in the air being a really rude sent off for anyone that likes the proper conclusions.

1886-zepBasically The Order is divided more or less into cut-scenes, navigation and shooting, walking and shooting being quite bad on their own, the thing that makes these simple mechanics so predictable its how they are use, the downtime is usually just simple walking without any character developing or creation of tension. The sequences on which you just investigate the surroundings for important clues are mode tedious. The Order clearly has cinematic aspirations, the camera is close to characters back, to the point you can`t see anything when you taking cover. There are a few good mechanics in game, one of them letting you slow time while the other allows players to revive after going down if not shot again.

Overall The Order is perfectly playable, good to look at it and listen to but its also the face of missed opportunities and quite boring considering the budget of the game, taking all these into consideration it will still see some play, not as much as expected though.