Star Fox Zero

We are gonna talk about Star Fox Zero, an upcoming 3D scrolling shooter video game developed by Nintendo and Platinum Games and published by Nintendo, set to be released in April 2016 for Wii U.

e3-2015-star-fox-zero-announcedj3vs640jpg-b579d9_1280wStar Fox Zero will follow the classic gameplay of its predecessors such as Star Fox 64 and for anyone that`s ever played any game in the franchise`s history the game will feel immediately familiar. The Arwing is back and along with it the crew of galactic crew formed of Falco, Peppy and Sleppy, led by Fox McCloud. As legendary space pilot Fox McCloud, blast through enemy forces to bring peace to the galaxy, players will need more than luck to master the Arwing jet, Gyrowing flight drone and the Landmaster tank. Several level locations have also returned in game, including Corneria, Zoness and Titania, while two new locations, Sector Alpha and Area 3 have been added. From the gameplay footage we could notice that planet Fichina, the asteroid belt Meteo and the Sector Z may also appear in game, while a mystical Fortuna return revamped from Star Fox:Assault.

screenshot8Talking about gameplay, it takes some time to get used with the controls, but players can always switch between the different viewpoints with a quick tap, this being particularly useful when in all range mode. The controls have also been simplified this time, as players can use both analogue to fly, while the four face buttons are used for shooting, initiating transformations and executing U turns and loop the loops. It`s not about only the aerial fights, as the game introduces several new sets of vehicles as mentioned above.

Though the game was announced to be released on November 2015, it got delayed, and even with delays being irritating, the game looks good and plays good so everyone should give it a chance upon release.