Quantum Break – blurs the line between television and gaming

Quantum Break is an upcoming third-person shooter video game for Xbox One by Remedy Entertainment (Max Payne’s makers). The release date has been set and confirmed. We can have few hints here about the game, the game-play and the release date.

quantum-breakThe game Quantum Break first had its rumors of the making and future release, back in 2013 at the launch of the Xbox One, along with a teaser trailer of the first sight at what to expect from the game.

The latest information about the release date for Quantum Break (for Xbox One) is that the game will be launched at 5 April 2016.

Despite the fact that not yet an official release date is revealed, Quantum Break is already available for pre-order from retailers.

It’s one really intriguing game – with action story episodes that get to be played at the end of each segment of the game-play and each will be different, personalized which of course depends on the choices made by each player while playing the game.

Looking at the official website, this video game is described as “a revolutionary entertainment experience that blurs the line between television and gaming.”

2916109-quantum-break-time-stopThe storyline is telling us about time as one of the greatest phenomena always intriguing questions and scientist to develop new studies. The storyline is following a failed time travel experiment that occurred at one USA University, the same experiment resulted and causes time damages (the same as well, giving the three main characters in the game the ability to manipulate it). For example, Jack Joyce could stop time, while Paul Serene could see into the future (helps with the decisions like – which choices should be selected in the very moment of picking one).
Quantum_Break_time_tech_heavyJack Joyce’s ability of intriguing time manipulation – the world time stutters, resulting in everything being frozen but Joyce himself, can stop the time temporarily, giving him the chance to escape from attacks; use the “Time Blast”, an offensive projectile reversing the direction of bullets. What I found most intriguing and interesting is that one of Jack’s abilities is the interaction with the environments, resulting in a creation of effects that would harm hostiles. The “Time Rush” is one more powerful and interesting ability, and the same makes him spawn next to an enemy (for example to perform an immediate melee takedown)… and many, many more intriguing and addictive abilities, which will make you think of how would it be to have them in real life. Players can find as well not so much action-orientated parts in the game-play, like solving puzzles in a progress similar like a 3D platform game. 2916103-quantum-break-gunfightThe puzzles are intriguing as well because of objects stuck in a time loops, due to the time manipulation, like stuttering and collapsing. This means that they are environment hazards and they are constantly shifting thus making dangerous situations for players.

The developers Remedy Entertainment took a huge step forward when enlisting the help of a scientist in order to make the complex plot follow the rules of theoretical physics.