New Expansion Pack for The Crew!

The Crew is getting a new expansion pack called The Wild Run and it will be available sooner than you think, next month and you will be playing one of your favourite arcade racing games again with new rides and on new tracks that you’ve never tested before. Also I’ve seen in the trailer that the new DLC will also have dirt bikes and motorbikes as well and it looks like lots of fun.

It seems that Ubisoft was inspired from the Dirt series when they have made this game because it looks a lot like those competitions that you have in the Dirt games. If you want to play the beta for the expansion pack and you own a PC that can run the game it’s your lucky day because it will be available in just a couple of days, so stay tuned for that too! For more on The Crew, stay with us! Check out the official trailer for the DLC right here:

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