Homefront 2: The Revolution

Homefront 2: The Revolution was firstly mentioned at the Gamescom 2015, but recently was revealed that it would be launched in May 2016. Homefront: The Revolution will be available on PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

revolutionHomefront 2 actually looks pretty interesting. The United States is lost – under North Korean occupation. They’ve set up their base of operations in Philadelphia, squatting on the birthplace of independence. You’ll take on the role of Ethan Brady, described to the players as an average guy – not militarily trained. You’re a resistance fighter – a guerrilla supplementing a rudimentary knowledge of firearms with your ability to blend into a crowd, hide in plain sight, and cause chaos. Yes, like every other time we’ve heard about an average guy thrown about in regards to a video game character, Ethan Brady as well puts up a pretty high level for “average”.

Homefront 2 also looks like it’ll push the same boundaries of good taste as its predecessor. Whether that’s a good thing or not…well, I’ll leave the jury out until I see more of the game. One thing you cannot accuse Homefront of doing is glorifying war in any way. Homefront 2 is supposedly an open-world game? The players are offered only a small part of the action in the demo, but Crytek has beautifully realized a Philadelphia under occupation.

homeforntrevolutionThere are a few baffling facets I hope are explained better upon release. You use your cell phone a lot: for tagging enemies, looking at a map, directing your RC car around, et cetera. I’m no dictator, but if I were, I think disabling civilian access to cell phones would be my first order of business.

Despite some down roads and some stuffs that would be called mistakes (as well as some early-in-development frame rate issues), we are all excited and the game seems promising. There are some decidedly game-y aspects, such as scoring “Uprising points” for disabling cameras, but all in all it seems we as players can explore some interesting concepts in Homefront 2.
We should give it a try, gamers!