Dark Souls III

We are talking today about Dark Souls III, an upcoming action role playing video game, developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, set to be released on May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
dark-souls-3-flowboss-fextralifeThe game is the forth release from the Souls series and will be set in a third person perspective, similar to the previous games from the series, the gameplay will follow closely the gameplay from Dark Souls I. Players will be equipped with a variety ranging from swords and short-bows to explosives like fire bombs as well as shields that will help on defending against enemies. A good addition is the fact that attacks can be dodged through dodge rolling, also magic will be featured in game and the magic meter will will also return. Another good thing in Dark souls III is the fact that combat and movement were made faster and more fluid compared to its predecessors, several movements like backstepping and attacks with heavy weapons can be performed faster, allowing players do deal more damage in a shorter period of time.
2980097-dark-souls-iii-6While playing the game players will encounter different types of enemies, each with different behaviors, some of them being able to change their combat pattern during battles. Dark Souls III will also introduce new combat features, including ready stance, which are special abilities that will allow players to perform much more powerful attacks than normal attacks are capable of. Another thing introduced in game are gravestones that will light up when interacted and beside being useful as torches they will also provide more lore to the game. Dark Souls III will put more accent on role playing, in which the character build is expanded and weapons can be improved to provide more tactical options to the players. Although the game will feature less maps than the predecessor, levels are interconnected and much larger encouraging players to explore. Beside the campaign mode, Dark Souls III will also feature a multiplayer mode.
At the end even if Dark Souls III isn’t a revolution, and the series ain’t needing releases almost every year, the game appeals with a faster pace, more performance and a better visual design so i encourage everyone to give the game a chance on release.