Be the ultimate silent assassin!

We are here to talk about the new game from the Hitman series,  developed by IO Interactive and published by Square Enix, scheduled to be released on 11 march 2016 for consoles and PC. Hitman is a third-person stealth action-adventure game where we`ll take the role of Agent 47, a well-trained assassin and we`ll get to travel around the world to eliminate certain targets. The first thing that hit me here is the ability to be creative a game, allowing the player to choose from the multiple ways to complete the missions ranging from sniping enemies using sniper rifles till covering assasinations with accidental incidents.

hm agent


From the first scenes we can see it is gonna be a good trailer, the graphics are really good , the characters are well designed , the movement is ntflu even the esoundtrack fits really good to the action itself . Out of many trailers this one looks really realistic , if the gameplay will be even somehow close to the trailer this will be probably one of the best games released in 2016 .

A little bit of downside is that it will be a solely single-player game without any form of multiplayer not even co-op of some sort , but producers are trying to make sure that players won`t get bored of the game fast so they will be adding back contracts mode where players can create scenarios and assasinations targets , and these scenarios can be shared between players , also the Instinct mode is announced to return in a simplified way , these combined with larger levels that players can explore at they will , each level having several hundreds of non-playable characters that will act and react based on players action , are making sure that the game won`t get boring fast .

hm ver


So overall the game looks to be a really good stealth action game,  and personally as a Hitman series fan can`t wait for the release, so i invite everyone that likes this type of games to give the game a try, so what type of assassin will you choose to be?