Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

I was curious to see which was the best video game in 2015 – and after few simple searches based on player’s votes and the “sales lists”, I have found out, that the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is the best rated? OK, and got me interested in checking going WHY?

To be honest, I have expected much, much more! I like the story, especially how they made up and done all the marketing of the game, etc. But let me put this in one simple sentence – I didn’t expect for this game to resemble and be the MODERN NEW Spiderman in ancient London!!!

Allow me to try to share my experience little more detailed. The start is from the center of London and as normal in that time, the new industrial period, the period when the world was changing, everything is unstable. During the same year 1868, the major protagonists,  Jacob and Evie decided to start something unexpectable, to start a gang war and at the end of the same war, conquer and lead London as a united force.

And now coming the mentioned Spiderman effect, like the promoted, a new feature that is totally out of this time/period (in short, I had the feeling like Aladin in one the most interesting games way back, years ago). After playing for some time and used the horse carriage and was “driving” like with a formula race car, I had definitely lost the feeling to continue playing this game. Felt like lost in the time, in the space, totally different environment, indeed the gameplay abilities.

On the other side liked the option where can see the full map and the enemies around the city. This way the player can react on time in the most dangerous situation at that moment. The fights are also OK, using knives, for example, as (probably) was one of the most used weapons at that time in that very particular part of the world.

In the end what I expect now is to see the new assassin in some other famous city in the world in some other specific time during its development, maybe Paris, Rome, Madrid.

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