The Legend of Zelda (for Wii U)

We are gonna talk about The Legend of Zelda, an upcoming action adventure game, developed by Nintendo EPD and published by Nintendo, set to be released in 2016 for Wii U.
2557861-zelda_001The game is the nineteenth game of the The Legend of Zelda series and announced to be the first original Zelda game developed with HD graphics and it will also feature an open world in which players can approach their objectives at their own desire. There is only so few information around about the game, but based on them we know that instead of basing on defined entrances and exits to dungeons it will rather be more of an open world game, allowing players to have more freedom than the previous titles, allowing them to decide their destination and way of travel. Talking about open world, it’s announced to be as big as Wii U hardware can handle. For the players that don`t want to teleport they can be walked on foot or on a horse, the horse being able to avoid obstacles allowing the player to concentrate on other tasks, like shooting arrows.
The-legend-of-Zelda-Wii-UTalking about graphics the game looks so much better than the predecessors, with good colors and really fluent character movement along with a good environment and special effects. The game was originally planned to be released in 2015, however in March 2015, producers stated that the company ain’t aiming for the release on that year, wanting to rather take time and do a better game than a rush release. Overall the game seems to be a good one from the information released, so can`t wait to give it a try and invite everyone to also do that, let’s go hunt some monsters!